About the DDA

What is Eagle DDA?

The Downtown Development Authority is a quasi-government entity responsible for facilitating economic development and redevelopment of properties and infrastructure within the downtown area.

In 2020, the Eagle Town Council and the Eagle electorate created the Eagle Downtown Development Authority (EDDA) with a mandate to revitalize the Town’s Downtown commercial core.

Eagle DDA


DDA Boundary Map

Downtown Eagle Map

Priority Areas

Downtown Eagle Strategic Priorities

Following extensive outreach, surveys, and several planning initiatives that focus on the revitalization of Eagle’s Downtown, the Town of Eagle and the Downtown Development Authority leadership identified the following areas as strategic priorities for a vital downtown.


Purpose of The Plan
of Development

A Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Plan of Development is an official public document expressing a community vision for the downtown area.

The Town of Eagle’s DDA Plan of Development will outline key concepts and priorities for the downtown as well as identify opportunities and partnerships that will strengthen the downtown.

The Plan will be used as a guide to inspire and shape future projects, policies, and action steps.


Work Plan

See the short-term list of projects that the DDA has lined up.

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